Listen, it’s time, okay? To separate the good from bad, and both of them from the worst. The dank from the, well, to be honest we don’t really know the opposite of “dank”. It wasn’t covered in our most recent “what the hell did they just say to me” post. “Fresh” maybe? Shit. Let us know in the comments. In the meantime, we’ve included some that must go, some that are still mildly fresh, and excluded a *BUNCH* that never should have been. Seriously. It’ll be 2019 soon, pretend you’re a golden retriever and treat people like that. And can we just leave out any future references to SCREECHING! OF! ANY! KIND!! But now you get to help decide with likes, comments, and shares.

We Know You’ve Been Waiting, Here’s 2018s Best & Worst

#1 – Still not sure if this is Angry Toddler or Prep School Toddler.


#2 – Meta AF


#3 – You Get A Meme. And You Get A Meme.


#4 – Seriously. Been out for about 5 minutes and y’all ruined it already.


#5 – Nike’s Kaepernick Ad Campaign


#6 – Tide Pods *collective groan*


#7 & #8 – Donald Glover’s “This Is America”



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