Making a mess with food is something kids and pets really excel at. Their motto: “With a certain amount of dedication and determination, you can achieve a great deal”. Bravo. The house is ruined. The food is ruined. The kids are ruined. Now if they could just take that same know-how and ingenuity and clean the place up, that’d be great.


Who Can F*** It Up Faster? Food Edition!

#1 – Butter Baby

butter baby

#2 – Glad You Two Had Fun


#3 – You Expect Me To Believe It Just Fell!?

dog-cake destruction

#4 – No Use Crying…

spilled milk

#5 – Not How I Would’ve Scrambled The Eggs…But OK


#6 – We’re Not Leaving Here Until You Pick This All Up


#7 – I Didn’t Want It Anyway

cat-meatball mess

#8 – Kept Coming Back For More

butter bites

#9 – Taking Matters Into Her Own Hands

cereal mess

#10 – All Yours Now

#11 – Saving Some For Later

jam-jar destruction


I'm a married, stay at home mother of 4, with a lot of crazy going on. Being a parent is so rewarding, but very exhausting! Ha! My husband is a musician/entrepreneur with a lot going on, so I manage most of the day to day and happen to find a lot of humor in all the chaos. If the choice is laugh or cry, I'll choose laugh every time. :)